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Margaret P. Bean, Author 

I have taking the Director's hat off for the summer and put on this Actor's hat

I have been cast as the Lady in Orange for the 

Heralds of Hope Theater Company Presents

 For Colored Girls,Who have Considered Suicide, When the Rainbow is Enuf 

Written By: Ntozake Shange / Directed By: Percy Thomas

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About the Play: "For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide, When the Rainbow is Enuf," 

 tells the stories of seven women who have suffered oppression in a racist and sexist society. 

The choreopoem is an innovative combination of poetry, drama, music, and dance. 

For Shange, the combination is important. She learned about her identity as a woman through words, songs, 

and literature; she learned about her identity as an African through dance.

 The seven women are not named; they are meant to stand for the women who make up the rainbow. 

These women are in pain; they are angry. They have been abused by their lovers, their rapists, their abortionists, and they have been driven to the brink of despair. What strength they have left they find in music and in each other.

Note: This play contains curse words and sexually explicit language.

Performance Dates / Time @ 3:00 p.m.

Saturday             Sunday

Oct. 20             Oct. 14 (opening)

Oct. 27                Oct. 21

Nov. 3                 Oct. 28

Nov. 10               Nov. 4

Nov. 11 (final performance)

Ticket Prices: August Discounts Available Now!!

Regular Price / Discount

Adults: $30 per person $25 per person

Seniors: 65+ $25 per person $20 per person

Groups: (10 or more): $20 pp (4 or more): $20 pp

Theater Address:

Randolph Road Theater

4010 Randolph Road

Silver Spring, Maryland 20902

Parking is Free

I will be playing the role of "The Lady in Orange"

Margaret P. Bean, Actor... I truly appreciate your support.

Margaret P. Bean, Author & Motivational Speaker 

Margaret was honored by the Honorable Mayor Donald L. Ryan, of the Village of Hempstead NY as one of

"Best of Hempstead" 

find the article in the Jan 19, 2018 edition of the Hempstead Beacon. 

Speaker and Workshop Presenter 

Margaret P. Bean is an energetic and gifted speaker.

Her message of “Self-Discovery Through Life’s Adversities”

is quickly gaining traction among an array of audiences.

Margaret is available to speak to organizations, churches,

clubs, educational institutions, and all receptive audiences. 

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